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Consid chosen as supplier by Polestar

Gothenburg-based electric vehicle manufacturer, Polestar, has chosen IT and communications firm, Consid, as one of its suppliers. The agreement concerns consultancy services, where Consid provides expertise across Polestar's entire operations, including system development, communication, and mechanical engineering.

Christoffer Thiel, Head of Sales Automotive at Consid
Christoffer Thiel, Head of Sales Automotive at Consid

– We are delighted to deepen our collaboration in the Swedish automotive sector and further strengthen our relationship with Polestar, one of the most prominent suppliers of new technology in the automotive world. We look forward to the partnership and continuing to develop together, says Peter Hellgren, CEO of Consid.

Polestar was established as a new, independent premium electric car brand in 2017, and have since launched four models. As a supplier to Polestar, Consid will provide consultants throughout the business based on needs. This includes expertise in areas such as software and hardware development, communication, and management, among others.

– Consid will continue to collaborate with our own consultants as well as our fantastic network of partners to meet the many different requirements. The market is definitely competitive, but together we are confident that we will find a collaboration between all the different parties and companies. We are particularly enthusiastic about Polestar’s commitment to providing our consultants with the best possible conditions to develop in a rewarding work environment and stay ahead of the curve regarding technical solutions, says Christoffer Thiel, Head of Sales Automotive at Consid.

Both Polestar and Consid have experienced incredibly strong growth in recent years and increased their presence drastically, especially in the automotive industry within the borders of Gothenburg. Both companies also place great emphasis on sustainability and climate-smart business practices and Consid strives to become the consultant company who builds tomorrows sustainable digital infrastructure.

– Consid has had a long-standing collaboration with Polestar at several different levels. It is impressive to see a company taking sustainability so seriously and inspiring as how they take action to achieve their goals. We look forward to continue working together with Polestar towards an exciting and promising future for the Swedish automotive industry together, says Christoffer Thiel.

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